Adjusting Posted DTL4 Records for Employees Who Elect or Default to the DC Plan



After an employee has elected DC, or after no election has been made and an employee defaults into the DC plan, use the View Election Status screen to determine which pay periods need to be adjusted. Click on the View Election Status link, go to the New Members Who Have Made Their Election section and click the SSN. 

  Screenshot: New Member Election Information screen

Under the section called DTL4 Adjustments may be required for the following reporting periods is a list of pay periods posted for the new employee.  These are the pay periods that may require an adjustment DTL4 record be entered on a current payroll report to update member and employer contribution amounts to the DC plan rate levels. (The pay period with the most recent date may not need an adjustment). Check the download detail or View Employee Info screen to see which percentage rate was used for DC contributions. An adjustment is not needed if the DC default rate was used to calculate the dollar amount due; do enter an adjustment  if the Pension Plus or Pension Plus 2 rate was used.)



To manually add a positive adjustment DTL4 record, go to the Work On Reports link and find a current pay period that has not yet posted. Remember that adjustment records will suspend if they are added to a payroll report with begin and dates the same as the pay period being adjusted. (NOTE: Payment will be due for the additional member and employer contributions at the time the records are added to a payroll report. By adding these records to a current pay period there will be a lesser risk for payment shortfall fees and interest.)  Click the Edit link.




Enter the employee’s SSN in the box under Option 2 –Add or Edit Record. Click the Add or Edit Record button.




On the Add/Edit Member Records page, in the Add New Record box, select Detail 4 – DC Contributions and click Add New Record. (If the employee has no records on the report you chose, you will not see any records displayed.)




When the DTL4 record displays, it should contain the employee’s SSN and name and current payroll begin and end dates.

  1. Change the begin date and end date to match the begin and end dates of the pay period being adjusted.
  2. Select Record Type 05 - Positive Adjustment.
  3. Enter 0.00 for Employer Reported Wages.
  4. Leave all other fields blank. ORS will calculate amounts when record goes through the overnight batch processing. (See step 8.)
  5. Click the Save button.



The DTL4 record will show up on the Add/Edit Member Detail Reports page under existing records. Continue to enter adjustment DTL4 records until all pay periods listed are added.

8. To view the amounts that ORS has calculated for the additional employee and employer contributions due, go to the report’s download detail spreadsheet the day after the overnight processing batch has run.  Column AD - Calculated Member DC Contributions and column AI - Calculated Employer DC Contributions will display the dollar amount calculated by ORS for the additional contributions due. The amounts due will be reflected on the current payroll statement totals.


Last updated: 07/12/2018