7.21.06: View DC Feedback File

1. Employees with a benefit plan of Basic or MIP and with the Premium Subsidy healthcare, including retirees who return to work and participants in the Pension Plus, PHF (Personal Healthcare Fund), Pension Plus 2, Defined Contribution (DC) and State of Michigan 457  plans can increase or decrease a DC and/or a PHF deferral percentage amount by contacting Voya Financial.

Voya provides ORS with the deferral percentage changes and ORS relays that data to the reporting unit using the View DC Feedback screen. Voya feeds over:

  • Changes to any deferral percentage initiated by the employee[BA(1] [HR(2] .
  • The mandatory deferral percentages for new hires after an account has been established with ORS and Voya.
  • The deferral percentages elected by Basic or MIP members with the Premium Subsidy benefit who enrolled in the 457 Plan. Note: For these employees, the View DC Feedback File screen serves as the only method of notification to the reporting unit that a member has enrolled.


3. If any of your employees has made a change to their deferral in the past four days you will see a green information message box on the Work on Reports page alerting you that DC Feedback information has been added. These changes are found on the View DC Feedback link on the Things To Do menu on the Employer Reporting website. You should check this link every pay cycle for the latest information and make changes to withholding based on the Effective Report End Date displayed on the screen.
4. To view deduction changes: Log in to the Employer Reporting website and click on the View DC Feedback File link.

The View DC Feedback File screen has three sections:
  • Unread Feedback
  • Read Feedback
  • Search Criteria

Data in the Unread Feedback section are either new deduction changes or deduction changes that you have not marked as read by clicking on the Read Record box. The new deduction percentages are listed for both Employee and Employer DC and PHF, and should be reported on a DTL4 DC Contribution record on your pay period report with the same end date as listed on the screen in the Effective Report End Date column. The data will remain in the Unread Feedback section unless the Read Record box has been checked. Clicking the Read Record box will move the data to the Read Feedback section and remain there until you exit the link. (The information can be recalled at any time by using the Search Criteria section as explained below.)

There is also a Download Feedback File link that will open a spreadsheet that displays the deduction information, but the spreadsheet version does not show the Effective Report End Date column. We suggest you print the entire View DC Feedback File screen rather than the spreadsheet so that you have the Effective Report End Date information.


Screenshot: View DC Feedback screen with Download feedback link highlighted.
5. Data in the Read Feedback section consists of:
  • Any records marked as Read Record in the same viewing-once the screen is closed the records will no longer appear in this section.
  • Any records found for an employee entered in the Search Criteria box.

The Search Criteria section will assist you in finding deduction change records for any employee at your reporting unit by any of the following criteria:

  • SSN
  • Name
  • A specific date range
  • Record status (read or unread)

Enter your search criteria (SSN or name or date range) in the appropriate field, then click on the Search button. The records will appear in either the Unread Feedback or Read Feedback section, depending on their status. You can then see all of the changes made by the listed employee(s) while employed by your reporting unit. Changes made at other reporting units will not display. See the search by SSN below:

  Screenshot: Search Criteria window. Enter SSN.


Last updated: 10/19/2021