7.21.07: DTL4 for Terminated DC/PHF Participant

In order for a terminated DC/PHF participant to receive any refund or distribution of DC/PHF contributions, the third party administrator (TPA) for the DC/PHF plans must be notified of the participant’s termination date and status. Notification is made to the TPA via a DTL4 record. Please do not report a termination date and status prior to the employee's final reported DC/PHF contributions, or on a DTL4 record that also includes contributions. Report termination date and status on a DTL4 record that contains no contribution information. Note: DTL4 records with contributions received by the TPA after the termination date has been reported will change the employee status back to active with the TPA. The reporting unit would be required to send another DTL4 record on a later payroll report to change the status back to terminated.

Populate both the Status Change Date and Status Change Reason Code field. Enter the participant’s termination date and use the drop down box to select the Status Change Reason Code. (See example below.) 

Screenshot: DTL4 for terminated DC or PHF participant - status change date/reason

Save the DTL4 record and accept the payroll report. When the record is posted the information will be relayed with the next ORS feed to the TPA.

Last updated: 03/22/2019