Completing the UAAL Remittance Advice Form for Universities (Non-Member/Non-ORP)

When submitting payments for universities, use the UAAL Remittance Advice for Universities (R0411C) to calculate and record payments remitted for UAAL contributions that universities owe on non-members/non-ORP employees.* Because the form now calculates required payment amounts for you, we recommend that you complete the form online before printing it.

To complete the UAAL Remittance Advice for Universities:

  1. Complete the first line of the form with your reporting unit information.
  2. Enter the non-member/non-ORP* wages for the pay period. Hit Enter or Tab.
  3. The amounts due for both Pension UAAL and Health UAAL are calculated based on the wages entered. (The total amount due is calculated for your records; neither ORS nor DTMB Financial Services uses this figure.)
  4. Make a payment for each amount, using the Receipt Type indicated on the form. Write down the ACH Confirmation numbers. For more information, see section Make a Payment.
  5. Enter the ACH Confirmation Numbers and the Date Paid for each amount on the form where indicated.
  6. Enter the total number of non-member/non-ORP employees where indicated.
  7. Complete the last two lines.
  8. Print and sign the form.
  9. Fax or email a scanned copy of the completed, signed form as directed at the bottom of the form.

UAAL Remittance Advice for Universities


*Non-member/non-ORP employees are individuals hired on or after January 1, 1996 (excluding full-time faculty and full-time administrators), who would have been required to be a MPSERS member if not for for the enactment of PA 272 of 1995. See PA 488 of 1996 for more information about this definition.

Last updated: 12/12/2014