10.05.05: How to Submit Multiple TDP Deductions on One DTL3 Record (for Summer Pays)

You can report a one-time, lump sum TDP deduction that represents a payoff of multiple summer pay periods. When you pay out summer wages (the last 5 to 7 pay cycles of the school year) in one paycheck, you can submit one DTL3 record reporting TDP deductions for those pay cycles.

The deduction must equal the scheduled deduction amount times 5, 6, or 7 (the number of pay cycles being combined into one paycheck). However, if the remaining balance is less than up to 7 times the scheduled deduction, then the remaining balance amount can be submitted.

If the deduction amount does not match the scheduled deduction (times 5, 6, or 7) or the exact balance on the TDP agreement, the record will not post.

Remember, the summer pay deduction increase can only occur one time per year, per employee.

If a summer payoff multiple deduction is reported, the employee is not eligible to have additional summer TDP payments reported.

This increased TDP deduction amount will post only for TDP payments included in retirement detail reports with end dates no earlier than May 15 and no later than July 15.

 If you have summer payoff deductions that don’t meet this criteria, please contact Employer Reporting.

Last updated: 05/30/2017