10.06: How to Use the TDP Download Detail Link

This feature allows you to view all open TDP agreements for active members under your reporting unit that have a balance due. You cannot view agreements with other reporting units.

On the View Employee Information screen, click on the Download TDP Agreement Details link. 

The Download TDP Agreement Details link on the Employee Information screen

A spreadsheet will open that includes the following columns:

TDP - the Download Details Spreadsheet, columns A through I

  • Social security number (last 4 digits only)
  • Employee name
  • Scheduled deduction amount
  • Agreement number
  • Invoice number
  • Balance as of (current date) Note: The balance will only include payments that have been posted to the employees’ retirement accounts.
  • Unposted TDP payment indicator
  • Total interest amount

The Download Details Spreadsheet, columns J through S which show TDP amounts

  • Annual interest posting effective date (detail available for previous 5 postings only)
  • Annual interest posting amount (detail available for previous 5 postings only)

This spreadsheet can be sorted by any column. Each time the TDP Agreement Details spreadsheet is opened from the website, the Balance as of column will have updated from the most recent night’s processing.

You may save this spreadsheet to your own computer, a CD, or a diskette. You may also print it out.

Last updated: 04/13/2012