10.08.02: How to Process the Supplemental TDP Agreement

ORS advises your employees to bring the supplemental TDP agreement to their payroll office for processing. To process the supplemental agreement:

1. The employee must bring a completed supplemental TDP agreement form to you. The Supplemental TDP Agreement - Supplemental Payment Information section
2. Verify that the information is correct, and then approve and sign the agreement. NOTE: The original agreement number does not change. Supplemental TDP Agreement with both member's and employer's signatures
3. Fax a paper copy of the agreement to ORS at 517‑284‑4416. You do not need to submit the supplemental agreement to ORS on the TDP agreement file.
4. Locate the new revised total payroll deduction amount on line 5 of the supplemental agreement form. Update your system to begin withholding the revised total permanent payroll deduction (Line 5) as of the date indicated (Line 6).


Last updated: 04/27/2020