14.03: Uploading Secure Files



Using Internet Explorer as your browser, go to the FTS website (https://dxgweb.state.mi.us). Enter your Username and Password, then click on the Logon button.


2. Click on Upload Message to request an upload.



To upload a file, refer to the request document to complete the fields on the Upload Message screen:

Recipient: DMBORSER
Class ID: See file request
Transfer Mode: binary
File: See file request

Click the Browse button to search for the file to upload.



4. When the information has been entered, click on the Upload button. NOTE: Do not click on any button in the browser until the transfer is complete.
5. Wait a few seconds for a lengthening horizontal bar to start moving across the bottom of your browser window. The bar shows the progress of your upload. Because the FTS doesn't know the size/speed of your upload, it is unable to estimate how long this will take.
6. When the transfer is complete you will see a screen similar to the following screen.


7. At this point your upload is complete and you can resume using your browser normally. Record the confirmation number for your records.
8. You can click on the Uploaded link to see a history of your upload activities.
9. When finished, click on Logout.
10. If you have any questions or need further assistance with this process please contact ORS Employer Reporting at ORS_Web_Reporting@michigan.gov or 800-381-5111.


Last updated: 03/17/2021