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I have been awarded a Skills Scholarship. Now what?

You need to do the following to have the scholarship funds be applied to your program tuition: 

  1. Search to find the program you'd like to attend. Find a Training Provider Instructions
  2. Contact the training school that is offering the program (phone number and email will be on the site next to each eligible program) to learn more about the program and how to apply; 
  3. Apply to an eligible program and be accepted; 
  4. If the program you are enrolling in is Pell-eligible, you are required to complete the FAFSA federal aid application at If we have one on file for you already, you can skip this step. 
  5. After you have been enrolled in the course for at least three weeks, the training school will notify the Michigan Skills Scholarship office which will send the scholarship funds to the school to deduct from your tuition bill. 

Very Important: To fully claim your Skills Scholarship, you must be admitted to an eligible training program and the training provider must submit an Enrollment Form to the Skills Scholarship Help Desk. Only the first 1,000 Michiganders who apply and enroll in an eligible program will receive a Skills Scholarship.