Activity: Whose Job Is It?

In this activity, we list typical parenting responsibilities. Determine which parent is responsible for it - the mother, the father, or both. You may answer the questions on your own or as part of a group discussion. You may print the activity and write your answer for each task in the appropriate column, or you may use the check boxes below to answer. (Please note that when you leave this page, your answers will not be saved.)

Whose Job Is It?




Newborn to One Year Old (Infants)


1. Changing your baby's diapers?

2. Feeding your baby?

3. Getting up at night to care for your baby?

4. Cleaning up after your baby spits up?

5. Taking care of your baby when you are sick?

6. Figuring out what is wrong with your crying baby?

7. Handling your baby when (s)he is afraid of strangers and won't let you put him/her down?

8. Dressing your baby?

9. Playing with your baby?

10. Taking the baby to the doctor or clinic?

One to Three Years Old (Toddlers)


11. Teaching your child new words or sentences?

12. Toilet training your child?

13. Taking your child to the park?

14. Taking your child to daycare?

15. Reading to your child?

16. Handling your child when (s)he bites or hits?

17. Dealing with "messes" at mealtimes?

18. Dealing with your child's problem behaviors: demanding your constant attention, not sharing, making messes, etc.?

19. Making the house safe for your child: covering electrical outlets, locking cupboards, etc.?

20. Dealing with your child's emotions: anger, fear, rage, sadness, and temper tantrums?


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