The Michigan Child Support Formula

A calculator with a finger on a key.

As part of its responsibilities, the State Court Administrative Office's Friend of the Court Bureau develops a formula for figuring child support amounts. The law requires courts to use this formula when setting or changing child support amounts.

From time to time, the child support formula is reviewed and changed, and its figures are updated for economic changes. When these changes occur, a new Michigan Child Support Formula Manual is issued.

The 2008 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual includes the following items, which the court uses to calculate child support amounts:

  • Income and asset calculations.
  • Allowable deductions.
  • Calculations for multiple children.
  • Parenting time offsets.
  • Medical (health care) obligation.
  • Third-party custodian calculations.
  • Arrearage guidelines.
  • Agreements related to property.

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