What Happens If the Non-Custodial Parent Does Not Pay Child Support?

The court can use a variety of methods to find non-custodial parents and/or get them to pay their child support:

  • Withholding money from paychecks.
  • Liens against property.
  • Credit bureau reports.
  • Locating unreported employers.
  • Withholding money from bank accounts.
  • Court hearings.
  • Bench warrants for arrest.
  • Suspending licenses: driver's, hunting.
  • Boot a car (placing a device on the car to keep it from moving).
  • Intercepting state and federal tax returns.

Unwed parents struggle with the serious challenges of raising their children, and many non-custodial parents fail to contribute their share of child support payments. Parents should provide both emotional and financial support to their children, but many do not. The problem of non-payment is large, and often the children who do not receive support are living in poverty.

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