Food Safety Information

  • FightBAC Hosts a variety of educational materials on food safety for both educators and consumers. The education section contains curriculum for all age ranges from day care through high school, community activities, season campaigns as well as a kids only section
  • Gateway to U.S. government Food Safety Information. It includes a section containing information for educators and children.
  • Michigan Department of Education The Office of School Support Services

    Provides services for school meals and food distribution programs.

  • Michigan Department of Education School Meals Unit

    Assists public and nonpublic schools and residential child care facilities provide low cost, nutritious meals for children and youth through federal and state meal reimbursement grants, technical assistance, program monitoring and evaluation, and formal training.

  • National Coalition for Food Safe Schools (NCFSS) The goal of the NCFSS is to be a voluntary and informal working group that focuses specifically on food safety in U.S. schools through information sharing, networking, and strategic planning of activities