"This is my second child using MET and it is by far the best investment I have ever made, working with people who are truly interested in making it work."
Patrick C. Alguire, MD
Doyleston, PA (former Michigan resident)

"I sleep better at night knowing my two children's college tuition is taken care of."
Mike Zimmer, Dimondale, MI

"Both of our students attended a Michigan public university and tuition was worry free."
Joe and Dona Kyle, Goodrich, MI

"Our family lives on a middle class income. I was scared that I would wake up one day with a seventeen year-old full of promise with no way to deliver on his future. Ever-rising tuition rates made me realize that I needed to approach college costs systematically.

Having MET, I look forward to the future. Shopping for the right educational program to suit his career pursuits will be an enjoyable, not stressful, experience.

Certainly, a lot can change in the ten years before he attends college. I have the peace of mind in knowing I'll be ready."
Lisa Fleury, MET purchaser

"MET allowed me to get through college a lot faster, and with more money available for other expenses. MET is a great program. It helped get me to where I am today."
Andrea Huth
Graduate of Michigan State University

"Everything was perfect. We notified MET to tell them where I was going, and it was all set."
Catherine Talifer
Western Michigan University

"I'm very grateful to my mom for thinking ahead, it changed my life. I was able to attend college and, not having student loans to worry about, I was able to buy a home six months after graduation."
Hollie Dietz
Graduate of Central Michigan University

"It really blew me away my father told me to save my money for other expenses which took a real load off my shoulders. It allowed me to focus on school and not worry about how I was going to pay for classes."
Marcus Wolfolk
Lansing Community College

"My parents and I were pleasantly surprised to learn that the MET contract would cover credits for my studies at Oxford through the University of Michigan. There were no problems or complications with MET in regard to the overseas study program. It all went very smoothly... it's amazingly versatile."
Timothy Schimpf
Graduate of University of Michigan

"MET has been beneficial in many different ways. Most importantly, it is comforting to know my tuition is set. I can focus my energy on my studies and the plans I have to own my own business."
Anna Packard, Beneficiary
Cleary University