MET Contract

Here you will find the complete MET contract which provides complete details regarding the program, refund-ability, tax deductibility, transferability, and portability of MET contracts.

2018 Enrollment Price Charts

Price charts for the 2018 enrollment period are broken into a period of December 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018 and May 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018. Page three lists per credit hour costs for the Pay-As-You-Go purchase option.

2018 Enrollment Processing Fees

Processing fees for online and mail-in enrollment processes are available here.

2018 Interactive Price Calculator

This calculator will allow you to calculate the MET contract purchase price for various options available given the proposed beneficiary's date of birth and current grade. You can use the calculator in two ways - one to calculate the price of a contract for a specific combination of contract types, purchase plans, and semesters purchased, or you can enter the estimated amount that you want to spend, which will display all applicable options.

Enroll (Purchase) Online

This link will take you to MET’s secure online enrollment page. You will need social security numbers for all parties of the contract, and date of birth and grade in school for the beneficiary of the contract.

2018 Contract Signature Page

If you prefer to not complete an enrollment online, this link will provide you with a paper contract signature page you can complete and mail to MET. You can enroll in MET either online or using the paper contract signature page; you do not need to complete both.