The cost of a credit hour is the price in effect for specified credit hour type (Full, Limited, Community College) at the time of purchase. Current prices (view the price charts or use the payment calculator) are as follows:

Enrollment Period December 1, 2020 - September 30, 2021
Full Benefits Contract $612 per credit hour  
Limited Benefits Contract $508 per credit hour
Community College Contract $125 per credit hour

When purchasing the initial pay-as-you-go MET, you must purchase a minimum of one credit hour in your plan of choice, although you can purchase any amount Little gradabove the minimum. You may then continue to make payments at any time in minimum increments of $25. Pay-As-You-Go contracts must be completed 45 days before intended use.

For example if you choose the Limited Benefits plan and choose an initial payment of $1,000 you will have purchased 1.97 credit hours. Future payments will be added to this initial payment and the number of credit hours will be recalculated with each payment received.

Once a MET has been purchased additional payments can be made by:

  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Check or money order (cashier's, certified or personal):

               MET, Bank Lock Box: Dept. 771368
               P.O. Box 77000
               Detroit, MI 48277-1368

               Write MET contract number on memo line

  • Payroll deduction

Credit hour costs for each type of contract will be set each enrollment period to be effective on the first day of enrollment and are subject to change if a mid-year price change were deemed necessary by the MET Board of Directors.

Please review the Pay-As-You-Go FAQs for additional information.