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Michigan Education Trust

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Michigan Education Trust

Pay for Future Education at Today's Price

Celebrate 529 Day--

May 29th is 529 Day and what better way to celebrate than a bonus!

  • New Customers: If you open a new MET Pay-As-You-Go plan online now through May 31, 2024, AND set-up automatic recurring ACH monthly payments through MET of at least $100/month starting June 2024 and continuing for the months of July, August and September you may qualify for a $50 bonus.* ACH can be initiated during the online enrollment process or by submitting MET ACH form 3695. If completing form 3695, that form must be received by MET no later than June 14, 2024.

Use coupon code 529DAY during enrollment to waive your online application fee.

  • Existing Customers: If you initiate a new automatic ACH recurring payment through MET of at least $100/ month starting June 2024 and continuing for the months of July, August and September you may be eligible for a $50 bonus.* MET ACH form 3695 must be received by MET no later than June 14, 2024.

We know this time of year can be busy and stressful, but we know education is important to you, so we wanted to help you reach your savings goals a little bit quicker with this promotion.

*A minimum of one credit hour must be paid before ACH payments can begin. Read the rules and eligibility requirements




The Michigan Education Trust (MET) is here to help make saving for college easier. Avoid rising tuition rates and save on college tuition by buying college credits at today's price with a MET 529 prepaid tuition savings program. To help families start saving earlier for their child's future education, we offer a discounted, age-based pricing structure. A discounted, age-based pricing structure--as opposed to charging one price across all ages--means families will realize significant savings the earlier they start saving with MET.

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Announcing-- New Customer Access Portal

Our online Customer Access Portal has gotten a facelift. You will notice a fresh new look and new features when you log in to your account. 

If you have bookmarked our Customer Access Portal, you will need to update your bookmark with the new site address.

Learn more about the transition
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MET is a 529 prepaid tuition savings program which allows you to pay for future higher education at today's price. MET is flexible, transferable and even refundable. MET is specific to tuition, it does not pay for room and board or books. Depending on the beneficiary's choices, MET provides:

  • Prepaid tuition and mandatory fees at any Michigan public university and community college upon admission.
  • Funds from a terminated METs can be directed to a Michigan independent (private), out-of-state college or trade school. 
  • Refunds can be made if a beneficiary decides not to attend college.

Features and Benefits

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Students have 15 academic years from their expected high school graduation year to use their MET.

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MET goes where you go. Students may direct MET funds to Michigan private colleges, out-of-state schools or even trade schools.

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Tax Incentives

Payments made are deductible on a purchaser's Michigan income tax form in the year they are made.

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Your MET can be transferred to immediate family members, including siblings and cousins.

MET Statistics


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Interested in Enrolling?

Here you will find the full MET contract which provides complete details regarding the program, payment options, pricing calculator and more.



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Pay-As-You-Go is MET's most flexible payment option. Buy one credit to start your MET, after that you can add to it any time you like! Invite family and friends to contribute too. Click below to learn more about this option.


Upcoming Events 

MET staff are available for presentations or to setup a display at your event. If you are interested in scheduling a MET presentation or display, please call the MET office at 800-638-4543, or in the greater Lansing area at 517-241-4884.
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Request Information

Want to learn more about MET? Click the button below to fill out the form. We will send you communications including MET news and events.

Want to meet with a MET staff member? Schedule a virtual one-on-one appointment today.

If you have an existing MET contract and have questions email us at or call 800-638-4543.

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In addition to MET, Michigan offers several other 529 college savings programs to help you in save for future education expenses.
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