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Payment Options

Payment Options

MET offers convenient and flexible payment options that allow purchasers to pay-as-you-go, pay all at once or choose a monthly payment option.


Purchase MET


Pay-As-You-Go is MET's most flexible payment option. With this option you can open your MET by purchasing as little as one credit hour. After the initial purchase, additional payments of a minimum of $25 can be made at any time. This option will allow Purchasers to buy MET by credit hours, rather than semester increments. 

This is a good option even if you intend to purchase one or more semesters in a lump sum as it leaves your MET open to future contributions. If you buy as a lump sum purchase, it is closed and cannot be added to in the future. Once you buy one credit in a Pay-As-You-Go MET, friends and family can also make contributions. 

Learn more about the Pay-As-You-Go option

Lump Sum

Lump Sum purchases are generally used to make a purchase of a set number of semesters or years. If you are not purchasing a full four-year contract, we recommend choosing the Pay-As-You-Go payment option. You would still purchase the same number of semesters or years initially, but your MET would remain open to additional contributions in the future.

Learn more about the Lump Sum payment option

Monthly Purchase

MET offers monthly purchase options in four, seven, ten or fifteen year increments depending on the age of the Beneficiary.  The age of the Beneficiary determines which plan is available as the contract must be paid-in-full by the time the Beneficiary reaches the age of eighteen. MET's price chart lists the prices for each plan and the ages of eligibility.

Learn more about the Monthly Purchase option


Want to give the gift of future education? Our gift declarations allow you to provide a certificate to the beneficiary of your contribution to a MET for birthdays, holidays, graduations and more.

Organizations looking to purchase MET to use as a scholarship or as a gift to the Beneficiary might find our charitable contracts a good fit.



Pricing Information

To help families start saving earlier for their child's future education, we are offering a discounted, age-based pricing structure. A discounted, age-based pricing structure--as opposed to charging one price across all ages--means families will realize significant savings the earlier they start saving with MET. View the Price Charts to see what the prices are for the different MET plans based on your Beneficiary's current age.


Payment Options Pricing Information


Enroll Online


Ready to get started? Sign up for MET today and begin your journey to a worry-free education savings experience. Note: This link will take you to MET's secure online enrollment page. You will need social security numbers for all parties of the contract, and date of birth and grade in school for the Beneficiary.