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Gift Declarations

Young girl surrounded by family blowing out candles on a birthday cake

Gift Declarations

Want to give the gift of higher education?

Our gift declarations allow you to provide a certificate to the beneficiary of your contribution to a MET for birthdays, holidays, graduations and more.  If a friend or relative has already started a Pay-As-You-Go MET, you can add to that contract at any time. All you need is the contract number. You can make an electronic payment to the contract via our secure online pay site

If you are the purchaser of an existing MET pay-as-you-go plan and would like additional contribution cards to give to friends and family, to encourage them to gift into your MET, email us at

Alternately, you can start your own Pay-As-You-Go MET for a friend or relative and add to it as you wish. Listed below are convenient Gift Certificates you can complete and print to give to the recipient after you've purchased a MET or made a contribution to an existing MET.


Any Occasion - MET Gift Certificate

Birthday - MET Gift Certificate

Graduation - MET Gift Certificate 

Holiday- MET Gift Certificate

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Are you a part of an organization looking to give a scholarship to a special student? You might find our charitable contracts a good fit. You can learn more about MET's Charitable Tuition Program here.





Looking for fun activities to do with your future MET student? These coloring sheets and activity sheets will keep the kids entertained and help teach them about saving.

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