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529 Prepaid Pathway

529 Prepaid Pathway

A collection of articles that provide additional information on the Michigan Education Trust.

Resolve to Secure Your Child's Future

Here are some ways to get your college savings on track.

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Done everything you can to find money to save for college?

Here are some ideas you may not have thought about.

Chalkboard with "School's out for summer" written on it.

School's out for summer

It may be summer vacation, but you should not put school completely out of your mind.

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A perfect match: $50 for a MET contract purchaser, $50 for a classroom

The Michigan Education Trust (MET) during December is offering Michigan families an opportunity to support both the current and future education of their students.

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'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' is now must-see viewing for parents

Preschoolers who watch “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” on PBS have fun and learn practical skills necessary for growing and developing.

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December is a great time to think about year-end giving

Last time we discussed all the exciting things happening at the Michigan Education Trust (MET) in the month of December for both new and existing MET 529 prepaid tuition plan customers. But December is also a great time to think about year-end giving.

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Explore how MET can help you meet your goals during Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month, a fine time to consider how Michigan Education Trust prepaid tuition can fit into your family’s overall financial plan.

Heaven Shaman-Page head shot

Fostering Futures Scholarship Trust Fund creates success stories

Growing up in the foster care system, Heaven Shaman-Page was never encouraged to dream of attending college.

How can you attract and keep good talent?

How can you attract and keep good talent?

Invest in your employees through new benefit programs

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Investing your tax refund in college savings will pay big dividends

Your state or federal tax refund provides a smart and easy way to save for a future college education.

Cynthia and Verle Gilbert Jr.

Legacy of learning: Inheritance funds MET contract purchases

Even though they died years ago and initially quit school before earning high school diplomas, Erlean and Verle Gilbert Sr. continue to inspire their family’s pursuit of higher education.

Map of Michigan with numbers showing where students attend college

See where MET students are heading to college in Michigan

As Michigan’s most recent class of high school graduates mark their achievements this month, here’s something else worth celebrating: More than 96% of high school graduates with Michigan Education Trust contracts attend a college or university.

December Calendar

The End of the Year is an Exciting Time

December is an exciting month for so many reasons: holiday celebrations, family gatherings, reflection on the year passed and anticipation of the new year. But December is also exciting for another reason—it’s when the new Michigan Education Trust (MET) enrollment year opens. 

Valentine's Day is a lovely time to reflect on saving for college

Around Valentine’s Day, it’s fashionable to say that love is in the air.

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29 Reasons to Purchase a MET Contract

In honor of 529 College Savings Day we give you 29 reasons to purchase a MET contract.

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Not Another New Year's Resolution!

This year make a resolution that will have effects that last a lifetime.

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I Don't Need to Save, That's Why they have Financial Aid

What most parents don't realize about financial aid

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It is never too late...or too early to start saving for college

While the best time to save for your child’s college education is when they are young, it really is never too late to start.

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529 Plan or Savings Account?

529 Plan or Savings Account?