VIDEO: Governor Snyder Speaks on Washington's Impact on Michigan

By Mike Brownfield | February 25, 2013


Governor Snyder is in Washington today for the National Governor’s Association meeting. He sat down with CSPAN in an interview on this morning’s Washington Journal and talked about how issues in Washington are impacting the State of Michigan.

On the Sequester (the across-the-board budget cuts that could hit Washington this week):

"This whole issue of getting to the sequester is a failure. I mean that was the point of putting it in place to begin with. It wasn't supposed to happen. That just illustrates the mess is in Washington compared to the states."

On Michigan’s Economic Comeback:

 “We’re the comeback state. It’s great to see the improvement. We still have a long way to go, but compared to where we were at, if you go back to 2009, we had over 14 percent unemployment. We’ve come down five percentage points. We’re the seventh-fastest growing economy in the last year or so. We were at the bottom for a decade. We’ve made a significant comeback, and we’re just going to keep going.”

 On Washington’s Impact on Michigan:

 “The biggest challenge when we look at the economic situation is the mess here in Washington. I think that's holding back a lot of investment. A lot of business people are looking to say if they don't know what the situation is going to be, they're staying on the sidelines.

 “We need a budget, we need tax reform, and we need to deal with the deficit here at the federal level. We've done it at the state level, so let's get it done here."