Fixing No FaultApril 18, 2013

Governor Snyder at the announcement

News Release: Governor, legislators announce plan to reform no-fault

Gov. Rick Snyder joined State Sen. Joe Hune, State Rep. Pete Lund and business leaders to announce a plan for no-fault auto insurance reform that will lower the cost of insurance for Michigan drivers, continue to provide the best catastrophic injury protection in the nation and ensure a fair and sustainable system into the future.

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Governor Snyder

Video: Governor Snyder and Legislators Propose No-Fault Reforms

Governor Rick Snyder and members of the legislature propose reforms to Michigan's no-fault auto insurance law.

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Chart of insurance premiums

Infographic: How High Are Michigan Auto Insurance Premiums?

Did you know that Michigan's auto insurance premiums are significantly higher than surrounding states? See where we stack up in this infographic.

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Comeback State

Infographic: Coverage Secured After No-Fault Reforms

The proposed reforms to Michigan's auto insurance laws would provide relief to our families while also ensuring medical coverage is 20 times higher than the next-highest state.

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