Gov. Rick Snyder: I will focus my attention on Michigan's continuing comeback, telling our story

It’s time to accelerate efforts, create more opportunities for future

Thursday, May 7, 2015

LANSING: Gov. Rick Snyder released the following statement:
“Michigan is America’s comeback state. Unemployment has dropped to its lowest point in 14 years, nearly 400,000 private sector jobs have been created and for the first time in a long time, Detroit is on the path to becoming a great city again.

“But our work is not done and there are still historic issues to solve. When I ran for reelection, I promised my fellow Michiganders that the job was not done, that we could not be complacent, that it was time to accelerate and get even more done to reinvent our state and create opportunities for our future.

“I do not have plans to run for president in 2016. I will focus my attention on continuing Michigan’s reinvention. I will continue to tell Michigan’s comeback story nationally because our reinvention should not be unique to just our state. In addition, being loud and proud about Michigan can help grow our state by attracting more investment, businesses, and new residents.  

“While too much of our political system is focused on partisan fights, Michigan has been using what I call “Relentless Positive Action” to solve problems.  Michigan's comeback is the blueprint for job creation, balanced and drama-free budgets and effective, efficient, accountable government.”