Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation increasing access to physical therapy services

Also signs health service, licensing bills

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder today signed a five-bill package allowing access to physical therapy services without a prescription.

“These bills will help Michiganders receive preventative care services if they choose, without placing extra monetary burdens on providers,” Snyder said.

Senate Bill 690, sponsored by state Sen. John Moolenaar, eliminates the prescription requirement for physical therapy services under some circumstances. If a physical therapist determines the treatment is necessary, an individual can receive services without a prescription for 21 days or up to 10 visits. An individual can also visit a physical therapist if seeking services to prevent injury or promote fitness.

The bill is now Public Act 260 of 2014.

SBs 691,692 and 694, sponsored by state Sens. Rebekah Warren,Tom Casperson and Michael Green, respectively, clarify that insurers would not have to provide coverage or reimbursement for physical therapy services unless a prescription has been issued by a licensed health care professional. They are now PAs 261-263.

SB 693, sponsored by state Sen. Dave Hildenbrand, clarifies that an employer is not required to provide reimbursement for physical therapy services unless the services are provided under a prescription issued by a licensed health care professional. It is now PA 264.

The governor also signed three other bills:

SB 479, sponsored by state Sen. Mark Jansen, removes the license renewal requirement for interior designers from the Occupational Code, bringing the code in line with House Bill 4378 which dissolved the state list of professional interior designers. It is now PA 265.

SB 713, sponsored by state Sen. Darwin Booher, promotes better health and well-being for people who receive physical and mental health care services from community mental health programs. The bill allows the Community Mental Health Service Provider boards to directly partner with facilities that provide or manage health care and rehabilitative programs. It is now PA 266.

House Bill 4688, sponsored by state Rep. Ed McBroom, removes the in-state licensing provision for dietitians and nutritionists from the Public Health Code. Professional credentialing can still be pursued through national credentialing organizations. It is now PA 267.

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