Gov. Rick Snyder signs bill extending help to firefighters facing cancer

Also signs 19 other human services-related bills

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder today signed a bill providing Michigan firefighters with support if they develop cancer on the job.

“We all value the important work our firefighters do each and every day,” Snyder said. “Firefighters face significant, and frequently unidentifiable, hazards on the job. This bill recognizes the potential health risks they face, especially in terms of cancers, and simplifies the claims process so stricken firefighters can get assistance they need.”

Senate Bill 211, sponsored by state Sen. Tory Rocca, allows firefighters who meet certain conditions to qualify for compensation through a First Responders Fund. Snyder wrote in a letter to state lawmakers that he has some concerns that the bill did not include a funding mechanism for the program, and called on lawmakers to identify a stable, long-term source in the new legislative session. It is Public Act 515 of 2014.

Snyder also signed 19 other bills:

SB 730, sponsored by state Sen. Judy Emmons, requires certified food safety managers in licensed food establishments, to take a training course with an allergen awareness component. Requiring this training will better protect patrons from severe life-threatening allergic reactions. It is now PA 516.

SB 879, sponsored by state Sen. Dave Hindenbrand, requires radiologists to provide written summaries of a mammogram, including breast density, to the patient. The bill will help provide warnings to women who may have increased risk for breast cancer due to their breast density. It is now PA 517.

SB 961, sponsored by state Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, expands options for residents with disabilities to receive benefits if they are ineligible for Medicaid. The bill puts Michigan in line with federal Medicaid expansion regulations. It is now PA 518.

SBs 974, 975 and 1086, sponsored by former state Sen. Bruce Caswell, allow Kent County to receive full administrative payments for providers of foster care case management services as part of a new pilot program with the state. This arrangement will test a new performance-based child welfare payment system. The bills also expand court authority in child welfare cases when deemed necessary. They are now PAs 519-521.

SB 1033, sponsored by state Sen. Patrick Colbeck, allows health care providers to contract directly with a patient, without regulatory oversight. This reform provides patients and physicians with an alternative to commercial insurance. It is now PA 522.

HB 4544, sponsored by former state Rep. and current Sen. Dale Zorn, requires the Michigan Department of Human Services to dedicate a portion of the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program block grant for weatherization programs. It is now PA 523.

House Bill 4649, sponsored by state Rep. Kevin Cotter, creates the “Foster Parent’s Bill of Rights Law” to inform foster parents of their rights within the child welfare system. It is tie-barred to HB 4650, sponsored by state Rep. Ben Glardon, which was signed by Snyder on Jan. 2. It is now PA 524.

HB 4736, sponsored by state Rep. George Darany, authorizes health professionals to provide Expedited Partner Therapy for certain sexually transmitted infections. This program allows health professionals to treat individuals suffering from sexually transmitted infections and now also provides prescriptions for their sex partners to prevent reinfection. It is now PA 525.

HB 5082, sponsored by state Rep. Kurt Heise, allows the court to appoint a neutral party to help implement parenting time orders and solve parenting disputes. The bill updates current law to be in line with current court practices. It is now PA 526.

HBs 5198 and 5341, sponsored by state Reps. Mike McCready and Tom Hooker, respectively, streamline the process for a Michigan Department of Human Services employee involved in disciplinary action. The bills will reduce costs and increase administrative efficiencies for the department. They are now PA 527 and 528.

HB 5389, sponsored by state Rep. Paul Clemente, allows nursing homes to use dining assistants to provide feeding assistance to certain patients. Nursing homes must provide dining assistants with training approved by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. It is PA 529.

HB 5444, sponsored by former state Rep. and current Sen. Peter MacGregor, creates the Fostering Futures Scholarship Trust Fund to be administered by the Michigan Department of Treasury.  The fund will provide a permanent endowment fund to assist eligible foster youth with scholarships for higher education costs. It is now PA 530.

HB 5743, sponsored by state Rep. Bruce Rendon, allows a judge who presided over a child protection case that resulted in termination of parental rights to also preside over the adoption case for that child. It is now PA 531.

HB 5744, sponsored by former state Rep. Ken Kurtz, waives court filing fees for child protective actions filed under the Probate Court and the Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care Act. The bill also codifies current practice of requiring the payment of child support judgment fees at time of filing. It is now PA 532.

HBs 5745 and 5746, sponsored by state Rep. Nancy Jenkins, allows a court to keep foster care cases open until the DHS can determine a youth's eligibility to receive assistance under the Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care Program. They are now PAs 533 and 534.

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