Gov. Rick Snyder: Energy emergency extended until Sept. 9

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

LANSING, Mich. – Truck drivers throughout the state will continue to be allowed increased hours on the road to transport and deliver fuel, after the federal government approved an extension of Michigan’s existing energy emergency until Sept. 9.

“The energy emergency has allowed fuel transporters to get where they need to be in order to ensure a ready supply of gas is available to Michiganders and visitors to our state,” Snyder said. “The extension will help ensure fuel is available and affordable throughout the rest of the summer and during the Labor Day holiday.”

The federal waiver extends the energy emergency in Michigan by waiving the hours-of-service requirements for motor carriers and drivers transporting fuels. This allows these individuals to exceed the number of hours and consecutive days in which they can operate a commercial motor vehicle in Michigan and any other state they must drive through to get needed supplies.

The original need for an energy emergency was due in large part to a shutdown of the West Shore Pipeline in Wisconsin, which remains shut down for the foreseeable future. The shutdown has resulted in long lines and wait times for carriers.

The initial emergency declaration, Executive Order 2016-10, was issued May 24, 2016 following the shutdown of a fuel pipeline in Wisconsin. An extension was issued under EO 2016-12 on June 3, 2016.