Boosting the Auto Industry -- And Michigan's Economy

Governor Snyder at Rouge Plant

Michigan's auto industry is growing stronger each day, and Governor Rick Snyder is hard at work to make it even better. Today he spoke to the 2012 Center for Automotive Research summit in Traverse City about his vision for a thriving auto industry. He also unveiled a new bipartisan partnership to give America's auto industry a boost.

Governor Snyder's message: Michigan is a state that makes great products, and we should keep making world-class automobiles -- and more of them. To keep growing, we have to develop and connect talented workers with jobs, and we've got to remind young people that the auto industry can be an exciting career.

Michigan can't do it alone, so Governor Snyder is partnering with Govs. Jay Nixon, D-Mo.; Bill Haslam, R-Tenn.; and Pat Quinn, D-Ill., in forming the National Governors Auto Caucus. Its mission will be to provide a forum for governors to discuss bipartisan issues related to the industry and its 8 million jobs and to explore policies, initiatives and developments that impact the industry. Here's what Governor Snyder had to say about the effort:

In Michigan, collaboration is one way we are reinventing our state. A lot of our economic success has to do with the auto industry and Michiganders coming together to work and win. Detroit put the world on wheels. As governors, we can be even stronger working together and sharing ideas and programs that have proved successful.

Just how important is the auto industry? Each year, auto manufacturing generates $500 billion in paychecks and $70 billion in tax revenues. It's an industry whose future is getting brighter once again. Since 2010, Michigan has added more than 23,000 automotive manufacturing jobs, an increase of 20 percent, and the auto industry will produce two times the number of cars it did three years ago.

There's one big way that Michigan can move forward in making the industry stronger: building the New International Trade Crossing. Bill Ford, executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company, explains the positive impact the bridge will have:

"This will help our business enormously. Ford Motor Company alone sends about 600 trucks a day across the bridge, and they get hung up often, particularly on the Windsor side. Any time you get caught up like that costs you time, and it certainly costs you money. So this will be a huge boost to us as we send parts, powertrains and vehicles back and forth across the border."

Ford, though, isn't the only one. General Motors, Chrysler, Honda and Toyota all support the project -- as do more than 160 other companies, political leaders, news organizations and non-profits. See the full list and learn more about why we need to build the new bridge now at

Mike Brownfield
Director of Social Media
Office of Governor Rick Snyder

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