More than 500 New Manufacturing Jobs Headed to Detroit

Detroit Manufacturing Systems

August 23, 2012

More than 500 new auto jobs are headed to the City of Detroit with the opening of Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS), an auto parts manufacturer in the city's Gateway Industrial Center.

On Wednesday, Governor Rick Snyder attended the grand opening of the DMS manufacturing plant and congratulated all those who came together to help make the new enterprise possible. The company plans to invest $29.2 million and create approximately 572 jobs over the next five years. Snyder said that their success provides a role model to look to in Michigan's reinvention. (Article continues below video.)

This is a true exercise in relentless positive action. We have a situation here today where we only have winners, and that's what we should be trying to do every single day of our lives -- and we should be so proud of that.
Governor Snyder extended thanks to Ford Motor Company and the joint venture behind DMS -- auto supplier Faurecia and the Rush Group. He described Faurecia as a "global powerhouse" that has added hundreds of jobs in Michigan this year, and he complimented the Rush Group's chief executive Andra Rush as a "true entrepreneur" who "recognizes it's not about her, but about bringing people together to create common success." Detroit Manufacturing Systems' success in creating something new was not an easy process -- and it was one that required people working together, Snyder said.
Starting a business is one of the hardest things you can do. Believe me, I know. It takes great enterprise, and it takes great dedication, and overcoming problems you never thought you'd come across.
Various partners in government played a supporting role, as well. The Michigan Economic Development Corp. supported DMS with a Michigan Economic Growth Authority tax credit valued at up to $4,055,642. The Detroit Economic Growth Corp., on behalf of the city of Detroit, worked with DMS to secure a 12-year property tax abatement valued at approximately $4.2 million. Governor Snyder praised the team effort and underscored that government's role is not to create jobs, but to create the kind of environment where entrepreneurs can thrive.
There is common ground where we can succeed, and it's that focus on creating jobs. And that's what's really exciting. So that's where I really want to thank the mayor, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, the city council, the county, the state for all of us coming together to recognize that we don't create the jobs, we have to create the environment where entrepreneurs and great global companies can come together in partnership and make things happen.
Detroit Manufacturing Systems is one part of the reinvention of Detroit and of Michigan -- and Governor Snyder says that the people of the company are central to that effort.
What's really going to be the heart of this company are the people in this organization. And so we really need to recognize that this is about Detroit, building Detroit back. And the heart and soul of that are the people working in this facility.
You're going to work here every day, you're going to work hard, you're going to make it a success, and you're going to make us all proud to see that name that has Detroit in the title, and it's going to be part of the core of the comeback of Detroit."