The U.S. Innovation Economy and Relentless Positive Action



August 30, 2012

For Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, reinventing Michigan is all about three simple words: "relentless positive action."

It's a mantra he explained yesterday at a BloombergTV / Google panel discussion on the "innovation economy," featuring Tom Friedman of The New York Times, Charlie Black of Prime Policy Group and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). (Watch the full video below.)

"The biggest single thing is not a law or a regulation or a policy, it's a cultural issue," Snyder said when asked about the number one thing he would fix in America. "What we've done in Michigan -- I call it 'relentless positive action.' I get up every day, no blame, I never blame anyone, don't take credit. I'm hired to solve problems, and be relentless about solving one problem after another," Snyder said.

One of those problems is matching talent with job opportunities, and Snyder explained how Michigan is working to make those connections happen:

"We need to give people better information about where the career opportunities are. How often do you find a situation today where someone is taking out student loans, they're going through a whole program, and they have no hope of getting a job? We've done nothing to create a marketplace, and that's one of the reasons we created It's to let people know that the career opportunities are here, and here are the skill levels required to be successful."

Snyder also spoke of the need for reform in education, the importance of skilled trades, and ways to encourage innovation in the United States -- including by welcoming international students who study in America to build their businesses here.

Watch the full discussion below: