Ford to Bring 1,200 New Jobs to Flat Rock, Michigan



September 10, 2012

Michigan's auto industry is making a comeback, and here's some more proof. On Monday, Ford Motor Company celebrated taking full control over the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, eventually bringing 1,200 new jobs to Michigan.

The plant, which previously was operated jointly with Mazda Motor Corp., will begin producing the 2013 Ford Fusion next year. MLive reports:

The addition of the Fusion, officials say, means a $555 million investment for the plant and a new second shift with 1,200 new employees. The plant, which will only produce the gasoline-engine Fusions, currently employs about 1,700 workers.

Governor Rick Snyder attended the celebration and applauded all those who have contributed to the rebirth of America's auto industry. (Watch his remarks above and read the full text below):

Today is a day of celebration, because if you think about it, the reinvention of the auto industry, the reinvention of Michigan -- the goal is more and better jobs, and a future for our kids. What better occasion to step out and say thank you, and have a good time than to celebrate 1,200 new jobs right here in Flat Rock, Michigan.

But you can't celebrate without also saying thank you to people, the people that made those jobs happen. And that's why I'm very proud to be here today to say thank you to the Ford Motor Company, to say thank you to the UAW, to say thank you to each and every one of you for creating an environment of success where we can prove that those 1,200 jobs should be right here in Michigan.

One other thing I would share with you, because over the next sixty days, you're going to see the airwaves filled with the words "bailout" and "bankruptcy." And one thing with special pride that I hope you take home and share with all your friends is that it wasn't about bailouts and bankruptcy. It was about the American auto worker and the American auto companies that came back, and you should take great pride that Ford didn't use either one of those, and tell all your friends and neighbors.

And my third point is just a challenge and a concern, because I'm a Michigander, and I've spent my life in this state. And although we have great things going now, now is not the time to be content or complacent with how things are going. Things are not good enough. We need to do better.

And I've lived through this in the past, and I know many of you have, where we've seen recovery come, we go back to the old habits of how we did things, and we end up in this mess again.

That is not gonna happen this time because of all of us working together. We need a different approach and attitude, and that is relentless positive action. Now is not the time to be negative, to be fighting with one another, to be looking in the rearview mirror. Michigan's brightest days are ahead of us, as you can see by today. And to do that, we need to be positive, and we need to be inclusive, and recognize our future is by working together as one big team as Michiganders to prove to the rest of the world that we are the auto capital of the world, and it's starting here with events like this. So be proud and have a great day!