Infographic: More Michigan Exports = More Michigan Jobs!


Infographic - Growing Michigan Abroad

September 21, 2012

Here's a simple equation that's easy to figure out: More Michigan exports = More Michigan jobs! That's why Governor Rick Snyder is on a trade mission to China seeking to open doors to new markets for our great Pure Michigan products.

In this new infographic, you can see just how much Michigan already exports to China -- In fact, they're one of our state's best customers. China is Michigan's third-largest trading partner, and we sell $2.2 BILLION in goods and materials to China each year.

Did you know that China buys a ton of the great stuff we grow, too? From fresh cheese to vegetable saps, hop extract to natural gum resins, Michigan has a good customer in China.

But it can be even better. Click here to learn more about Governor Snyder's trade mission to China and the 21 Michigan companies that are joining him.