VIDEO: Parents and Educators Speak Out on EAA

By Reinvention Blog | December 04, 2012

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December 4, 2012

Do you know that last year, 238 Michigan high schools did not produce a single student proficient in math or reading, yet every one of those schools is accredited?

Tragically, we're failing many of our students, and they're crying out for help. There's a new tool that can offer those students hope -- the Education Achievement Authority -- and it's already bringing results to many of our schools.

In this series of videos, parents and educators speak out about the impact of the Education Achievement Authority in their school and explain the results first hand.

Parents Explain How EAA Helps Their Children


Educators Say EAA Has Made All the Difference in Their Schools

Read more about the Education Achievement Authority in a blog by Governor Rick Snyder.