Governor Snyder Congratulates Legislature on 2012 Legislative Session

By Reinvention Blog | December 12, 2012

Capitol Building

Today, Governor Rick Snyder congratulated the Michigan Legislature upon its completion of the 2012 legislative session and expressed his appreciation for their work in ushering in new reforms to help reinvent Michigan.

"I appreciate the hard work and partnership of House and Senate members this year. Many significant reforms were enacted that will provide for a safer, healthier and more prosperous future for all residents and will be instrumental in continuing Michigan's comeback and creating more and better jobs.

"From establishing a long-overdue regional transit authority in southeast Michigan and a lighting authority in Detroit to providing tools and choices to address local financial emergencies and encouraging long-term, sustainable economic growth in rural areas by enacting a simple, fair and efficient severance tax for mining operations, we are demonstrating a meaningful commitment to the stability, vitality and safety of our cities and towns. A strong Michigan demands strong communities, and addressing these needs has been a primary focus.

Snyder also remarked on lawmakers' work in helping to create the conditions for more job growth in the state, while also helping local communities, schools, and the health and welfare of the people of Michigan.

"Lawmakers should also be commended for their work to eliminate a substantial barrier to job creation and economic growth by delivering much-needed personal property tax reform while protecting local governments and schools.

"It's also gratifying to know that we are helping to improve the health and wellness of individual citizens. Our modernization of Michigan's largest health care provider will improve access to quality health care and lead to healthier lifestyles.

Michigan is reaping the benefits of recent reforms. Today, the state has the sixth-fastest growing GDP in the nation, has seen a gain of 141,000 jobs since Snyder took office, unemployment drop by 4.9 points since August 2009, an income growth that is 8th-best in the nation, an economy at a 10-year high, an increase in home sales, and a tax system that is twelfth-friendliest in America.

Snyder says Michigan is making a comeback but that there is more work to do next year.

"These actions this year will keep Michigan well-positioned as the nation's comeback state. While we can all be proud of these accomplishments, much more work lies ahead. I look forward to joining with the 2013 Legislature on additional efforts to reinvent Michigan, getting it right and getting it done."