Governor Snyder on Electoral College

By Gov. Rick Snyder | January 30, 2013

Governor Snyder discusses the electoral college with BloombergTV on January 29, 2013.

 By Governor Rick Snyder
January 30, 2013

Lately, there's been some talk about changing the Electoral College system in Michigan -- the way in which our state's electoral delegates are apportioned in presidential elections. It's a serious subject and it's one that affects all voters in our state.

When asked about the issue, I've indicated that I'm open to having a conversation on the subject -- as I am with any issue that comes before our state. But to be clear, I'm very skeptical about the idea and the time frame under which it would be enacted.

Broadly speaking, you don't want to change the playing field so it gives any one party or candidate an unfair advantage over another one. And if action is taken, it should be bipartisan and only done before a census is conducted and before redistricting has taken place. The census is a long way off -- the next one isn't occurring until 2020 -- and, as such, now is not the appropriate time to be looking at this issue.