VIDEO: A Focus on Talent at Economic Summit

By Mike Brownfield | March 18, 2013

Some 700 business leaders and educators gathered today to discuss Michigan's economic future at the 2013 Governor's Economic Summit in Detroit's Cobo Hall.

Governor Snyder kicked off the event with remarks focused on Michigan's greatest strength -- its workforce. "The greatest asset that we have in our state is our talent," Governor Snyder said. 

"There are three 'Cs' that are critically important. Collaboration, creation and connection. Collaboration is about working with the private sector to say 'what are your needs today and tomorrow?' The second 'C' is about creating talent, that's the education sector, about giving people the tools to be successful. Finally, connecting those tools."

Governor Snyder went on to explain the mismatch between supply and demand for talent in Michigan's economy and how the state can gain a strategic advantage nationally if that disparity is eliminated.