Video: Students Speak about their Futures at 2013 Governor's Economic Summit

By Mike Brownfield | March 19, 2013

The 2013 Governor's Economic Summit focused on what makes Michigan great -- its talented workforce. The conference attendees saw examples of that talent first hand when ten students from across Michigan spoke about their professional goals, their future ambitions and why they want to make their careers in Michigan.

Skyin Yin, a graduate student in advertising at Michigan State University, said that her ultimate passion “is to do cool things that matter.” She wants to stay in Michigan because of the incredible opportunities the state offers.

“There are opportunities everywhere, but why here in Michigan?” Yin asked. “Because I think the opportunities here in Michigan are unique because they are from tough challenges that not everyone is willing to take, for the risks, for the sacrifices, for the patience you need to see the results.”

Barry Winslow of Marquette, who found a passion for electronic journalism, says that he wants to make his life in Michigan because his home is here.
“It comes down to family,” Winslow said. “I’m very, very blessed to have a large family. This is home to me.  So I want to stay here, work here, and find a job here.”

Governor Rick Snyder highlighted the contribution that these students can make to our state and the importance of developing opportunities for them in Michigan.

“These are Michiganders,” Governor Snyder said. “We should be very proud of that. And we should all have a passion to have them stay here. That’s our opportunity.”