VIDEO: Governor Snyder on Right to Work, Detroit and Health Care

By Mike Brownfield | March 22, 2013

Governor Snyder appeared on Fox News' "Your World with Neil Cavuto" on Thursday and discussed a wide range of issues, including right to work, Detroit's emergency manager and health care.

On Signing Right to Work:

I was hired to do a job by my customers, the citizens of the State of Michigan, and I'm doing the right thing. It's about workers' rights and it's about bringing more jobs to Michigan. So I'm just going to do my job.

On Possible Challenges to Right to Work:

We're going to end up winning the lawsuits, in my view. We may lose at some lower court level. Our track record's really good on this though. You just keep moving forward. 

I have a philosophy: relentless positive action, no blame, no credit, what's the problem, solve the problem with common sense, and be relentless, one problem after another. And because of that, we're the comeback state in Michigan. We're getting people focused on the issues and solving them. 

On the Emergency Manager in Detroit:

If you follow through the process, Detroit still has elected representation. I'm governor of Michigan. It's not Detroit versus Michigan. It's Detroit, Michigan. That person is responsible to me.

We've done this in a couple other cities where we still have an active mayor, we have a city council giving advice and being involved in the process, because they should be involved. It's great to have them involved, and it works.

On Solving Detroit's Problems and the City's Future:

Detroit's been going downhill since the 1950s. It had a million and a half-plus people at one point. Now it's 700,000. The citizens of Detroit deserve a better answer, and I believe they want a better answer. 

The solution to Detroit long term is to grow the city, and it begins by better services, short-term cash management, a long-term liability repayment plan that works.

Detroit has many good things going. Occupancy is 95 percent in downtown and midtown Detroit, employers are bringing jobs back in Detroit. There are so many exciting things that as we resolve this, Detroit's got a bright future.

On Doing Health Care Right:

The Affordable Care Act was a misfire in many respects, and I said there were at least two other things that are more important that really aren't being addressed. First and foremost is health and wellness. I mean, we need more personal responsibility. If you want to solve our health care crisis, if well all did a better job of taking care of ourselves, that would solve most of the problems there.

The second one is, they didn't focus on the cost structures to get more to a primary care medical home model where we have a primary care relationship.

On Medicaid and Saving Health Care Costs:

I won't take federal dollars just to take dollars. That's not the role of government. In terms of the Medicaid expansion piece, the way I looked at it doing the analysis and under the options, it does save us budget dollars at the state level. But it's a question of if we can truly say that we can get people in a primary care relationship where they get a physical and immunizations versus being unmanaged, uncontrolled, being in the uncompensated care situation, there is a real savings.

Give me a choice between the state running a program and the federal government, I have confidence we can do it right.