Infographic: 300,000 New Jobs and the Skills to Land Them

By Mike Brownfield | April 02, 2013

Washtenaw County heard some great economic news this week when it was predicted that job growth in the region would fully replace all jobs lost in the recession as early as mid-April. What's more, economists believe that the county will see 11,000 more jobs than ever before by 2015.

Michigan's bright economic outlook, though, isn't limited to just one county. The state is expected to see 300,000 new job openings over the next ten years across several sectors including agriculture, IT and media, energy, health care and manufacturing. Many of those opportunities stem from the fact that Michigan's work force is aging -- in fact, one in five workers is over 55 years old.

How can Michigan be ready to fill those jobs? It's all about matching talent with opportunity, as Governor Rick Snyder explained in his 2013 Governor's Economic Summit. Case in point: Today, Michigan has more than 62,000 open jobs (which you can view at, yet the state's unemployment rate remains above eight percent. The problem? Our workforce doesn't have the skills they need to fill those positions.

The following infographic shows the future job opportunities in Michigan, broken down by sector. The key to filling those jobs? Having the right training, the right education and the right skills. Governor Snyder says that in order to match talent with those opportunities, Michigan needs to focus on what he calls "the three C's":

"There are three 'Cs' that are critically important. Collaboration, creation and connection," Snyder explains. "Collaboration is about working with the private sector to say 'what are your needs today and tomorrow?' The second 'C' is about creating talent, that's the education sector, about giving people the tools to be successful. Finally, connecting those tools."

Later this month, Governor Snyder's Education Summit will focus on ways to create the talent Michigan needs for a brighter economic future.

New Jobs infographic

Click here to download a PDF of this infographic.

More economic data, including sources for above statistics, can be found in the Governor's Economic Summit information packet.

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