600 New Jobs at United Shore Financial Services in Troy

By Mike Brownfield | May 17, 2013

This week, United Shore Financial Services held a ribbon-cutting celebration marking the opening of its new Troy headquarters -- and its plans to hire hundreds of new employees this year.

"We hired 500 people last year, we're hiring 600 more this year," said Mat Ishbia, president of United Shore Financial Services. "How do you attract and retain talent? You've got to have a great culture. This building is part of that. You've got to have a place that people want to be at, people want to work for, people want to be a part of -- it's not working for us, it's being part of something special."

United Shore Financial Services has seen great success and rapid growth, and last year it was named among the Detroit Free Press’ 2012 list of Top 100 Workplaces. Governor Rick Snyder attended the ceremony and said that the company's success is helping to make Michigan the comeback state.

"This is about the reinvention of Michigan. We're the comeback state in the nation already. Since our low point in 2009, we've added nearly 200,000 private sector jobs. That's huge. But what I would say is, our work is not done. We shouldn't be complacent nor content with that outcome. There's more to be done, and more opportunity."

"Having events like this really reinforces why it's gonna happen. Because it is about building those partnerships of us working together. Government doesn't create the jobs. Private sector creates the jobs. And so that's why it's important to say 'thank you' to United Shore Financial Services for your hard work. You're the job creators here. 

"It's important we play our role in the public sector. And what's our role? To create that environment for success."