Let's Do Something, Michigan!

By Governor Rick Snyder | May 30, 2013

Michigan is the comeback state in the nation, and together we’re reinventing ourselves, taking on big issues, and working to make a brighter future.

But there’s more that each and every one of us can do. And that’s what DoSomethingMichigan.com is all about. It’s here to provide resources to help you take action.

From mentoring a young student or coworker to working on a community project or cleaning up a neighborhood, there are so many different projects and ways you can help. Using this website, you can sign up and get connected to those opportunities.

There’s another way you can help, too. Speak out about what’s so great about Michigan! Have you made a difference in someone’s life? Is your school doing something spectacular? Is your company creating new jobs? Share your story with us and speak out on why Michigan is so great!

Sometimes we back away because there are so many choices, it becomes paralyzing. But don’t let that stop you. The point is, do something!

I hope you make that choice to be an ambassador for Michigan. Are you willing to invest some time and talent to take on projects together? Will you be the force to make that happen?

Click here to sign up now.

We have big issues to solve. But there are a lot of awesome things going on in Michigan. Here’s the opportunity. Let’s go!

Text “Action” to 25827 or visit dosomethingmichigan.com to sign up.