More Jobs Grown in Michigan

By Josh Paciorek | July 25, 2013

The story of Michigan’s comeback added another chapter yesterday as Governor Rick Snyder celebrated the grand opening of ADAC Automotive’s new world-class paint facility in Muskegon, which will retain 841 jobs and create 130 additional jobs in manufacturing, engineering and other technical fields.

The $18 million investment is the biggest capital investment in ADAC’s 38-year history.  The governor spoke to the crowd at the company’s new 72,000 square foot facility and said that while some people thought the manufacturing industry would be finished after the recession, it is actually a significant part of Michigan’s comeback.

“Manufacturing was one of the key reasons we became a great state.  We’re the manufacturing center of the world,” Gov. Snyder said.  “You should be proud.  You made this happen.  It’s really showing that in a global world people can still step back and say ‘Where’s the world’s best?’ It’s right here.”

ADAC Automotive is an automotive supplier that specializes in producing exterior and interior door handles, exterior mirrors and other exterior trim components for GM, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler and other major automakers.  The Grand Rapids-based company has a total of 1,200 employees across west Michigan and 841 employees in Muskegon alone-- making it the second-largest employer in Muskegon.

“ADAC understands the key to being successful is to have the most talented people,” said the governor. “Most of our comeback that has happened and will continue to happen is going to be Michiganders-- right here-- that have been here that continue to innovate and, most importantly, to invest in our people. The most talented manufacturing people are right here in Michigan.”

But ADAC is not the only one with good news to celebrate these days.   The Michigan Strategic Fund announced yesterday state support for three economic development projects in Detroit, Lansing and St. Joseph that are projected to generate more than $767 million in new investment and create nearly 5,000 jobs, as well as a future home for the Detroit Red Wings in a new entertainment district in downtown Detroit.  Also, earlier today, Meijer opened its first store within the city of Detroit, resulting in more than 550 new jobs.

“This is an opportunity to say Michigan is on the comeback path and we have made tremendous progress,” said Gov. Snyder.  “If you’re wondering if this comeback is really going to happen, all you have to do is look around you.”

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Author Josh Paciorek is an intern in Governor Snyder’s office.