New Jobs Coming to Cassopolis, Michigan

By Mike Brownfield | August 01, 1900

Forty new jobs are coming to Cassopolis, Michigan, thanks to a new $12 million expansion at Postle Aluminum. Governor Rick Snyder visited with workers at the company this week and congratulated them at a ground-breaking ceremony.

"This is the kind of message you like -- 40 jobs coming to town," Governor Snyder said. "We appreciate Postle doing so well. It sounds like the industries you're in are all coming back fairly strong."

Kevin Robinson, CEO of Postle Aluminum, sat down with Governor Snyder and explained the company's success.

"With the housing industry starting to come back, fencing is coming back, the cargo trailers, the specialty trailers -- RV's double digit growth year over year, and hopefully that will continue. We don't see any slowdown in sight," Robinson said.

And as Governor Snyder remarked, Postle Aluminum's success highlights what Michigan does best -- making great products.

"That's exciting to see you keep growing and do things. One of the messages that I'm really proud of that we need to get out to more people is 'Made in Michigan.' We think we make things really good in this state, and we're the world's best. So we want to get that message around to people, whether it's something we manufacture, grow or make."