A Talented Workforce for A Stronger Auto Industry in Michigan

By Mike Brownfield | August 08, 2013

Governor Rick Snyder spoke to the annual Center for Automotive Research Summit in Traverse City on Wednesday, where 900 automotive leaders, engineers and students gathered to discuss the industry's future.

One key part of the industry's success in Michigan is the incredible talent we have here in our state. As 9&10 News reports, Governor Snyder says that developing that workforce -- particularly in the area of skilled trades -- is an important part of helping the auto industry grow in the Great Lakes State. Watch the 9&10 report above to learn more.

Governor Snyder also said that the public sector has a role in creating an environment where people and businesses can grow and be successful. That means being relentless about solving one problem after another, matching talent with opportunity, and ensuring a great quality of life in Michigan.

"We're coming back with a passion and a desire and a commitment to raise that bar as high as possible to say we're going to be the best in the world," Governor Snyder said.

Watch his remarks, below: