Governor Snyder Holds Town Hall Meeting in Grand Rapids

By Mike Brownfield | August 23, 2013

Meeting with Citizens in Grand Rapids

On Thursday, Governor Rick Snyder met with citizens in Grand Rapids to talk about Michigan's reinvention -- first in a meeting with young professionals, and then at a town hall with WOODTV.

"We've come out of the bottom. We are the comeback state of the United States," Governor Snyder said to the crowd of young professionals gathered at the MLive office. "But now it comes down to us together deciding that we wanna be a great state again, and create those more and better jobs, and create that great quality of life, and have a place for you, as young people, to be successful."

Town Hall with WOODTV

Townhall in Grand Rapids

Following the young professionals event, Governor Snyder traveled to WOODTV 8 where he answered questions about issues concerning Michiganders -- and health care was on top of that list. Governor Snyder addressed the subject of Healthy Michigan, the plan to reform Medicaid and expand health insurance coverage to nearly half a million working, low-income Michiganders. WOODTV reports:

"It's about the health of Michiganders," [Governor Snyder] said. "Healthy Michigan is a good thing for Michigan." 

He said expanding Medicaid will decrease use of emergency rooms by lower-income people who don't have health care insurance. He said encouraging more preventative care will lower health care costs. 

"This would actually save us money as Michiganders," he said. "Why wouldn't we do it? We should just simply get it done." 

And, he pointed out, the Michigan plan -- called Healthy Michigan -- is not the "vanilla" plan provided by the federal government. It is a bipartisan plan worked out by the Michigan House of Representatives that would ask users to "take more interest in their own health care."

 Watch the town hall here.