Governor Snyder on Morning Joe: Detroit's Future and Healthy Michigan

August 28, 2013

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Governor Snyder appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" today to talk about the latest news in Detroit and the Healthy Michigan plan. Here are some highlights.

On Detroit's Future:

We're making good progress in Detroit ... We're not waiting to go through bankruptcy and then have Detroit back. Much of Detroit is already coming back. And the last obstacle is really this municipal question -- about getting better services to citizens, dealing with the debt, with the bankruptcy.

The private sector, the foundation community, the young people are moving into Detroit. A lot of exciting things are really going on, and this is our chance to really remove what I hope are the last major obstacles, which is getting better services -- there's a blight issue, there's other issues, and we're going to keep working on them.

On Healthy Michigan

Too often people generalize as one massive thing, with the Affordable Care Act. My view is it needed to be broken down into appropriate components. There are a number of federal things that I am extremely troubled with, but one of the positives was looking at Medicaid expansion, particularly when you do it the way we're doing it here in Michigan, or talking about doing it, which is Healthy Michigan.

That includes a wellness personal responsibility portion to the program. We just got Senate approval last night, we need to go to the House next week. I look forward to seeing that put in place because it's about helping 470,000 Michiganders -- hard-working, but lower-income people -- get health insurance.