VIDEO: Health Care for Nearly A Half-million Michiganders

By David Murray | September 15, 2013

Monday will be a landmark day for nearly a half-million Michiganders. They'll have assurances there will be help if stricken by illness or injury.

Gov. Rick Snyder will put pen to paper and sign the Healthy Michigan bill into law, expanding health insurance to many hard-working people who otherwise would not be able to afford trips to the doctor.

The governor, at Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center in Dearborn, expects to be surrounded by people who know the importance of Healthy Michigan. There will be people who have been affected by illness. There will be medical professionals. And there will be small business owners, the kind of people helping Michigan's economy recover by creating jobs.

The road leading to today was long. There was much debate and compromise. But in the end, we saw Michiganders from both sides of the aisle coming together of an innovative plan that was built upon Michigan values.

We know our state can be stronger.