VIDEO: Governor Snyder speaks at Techonomy Detroit 2013

By Josh Paciorek | September 18, 2013

Leaders in technology from around the country met in Detroit this week for the second Techonomy Detroit conference to share ideas about economic growth, creating jobs, and revitalizing cities in a technologized age.

Governor Rick Snyder joined in the event and spoke about his vision for reinventing Michigan and moving Detroit forward.

“If you look, the comeback of Detroit actually started several years ago.  It’s been going on in the private sector,” Gov. Snyder said.  “There’s been about a $10 billion investment -- about 12,000 jobs.  The comeback was going on in spite of the way government was happening.  Now, when the government starts working for citizens, think about the possibilities.  That’ll be really cool.”

Hosted by Wayne State University, the conference also focused on innovative reforms to education.  Conference participants explored how it would be possible to use technology to enhance learning for individuals of all ages, especially considering how quickly technology advances.

“Technology will allow you to move at a very rapid pace, but it takes time to adapt to the new concepts, so we need to help people learn faster,” the governor said.

Snyder added that innovation in education will be necessary to successfully prepare our youth for the future.  He cited the Education Achievement Authority in Detroit, and how its unique design emphasizes education being about “any time, any place, any way, any pace,” referring to the EAA’s focus on student-centered learning.

Finally, while speaking about ‘Global Michigan,’ the governor spoke of his support for immigration, calling himself one of the most pro-immigration governors in the country. 

“I fundamentally agree immigration is a job creator,” Gov. Snyder said.  “Right now we provide a world class education to immigrants, and then we tell them to get out.  That’s just dumb.  Instead, we need to ask, ‘Would you like an opportunity here?’”