Michigan Is the Place to be for Technology and Innovation

September 25, 2013

Want to be in a state where entrepreneurship is flourishing and the tech industry is booming? Look no further than Michigan.

The Great Lakes State is third in the nation for high-tech job growth. $100 million has been invested in support of entrepreneurs in tech fields. And venture capital venture investment in Michigan increased by 27% in 2012, compared to a 10% decrease in investment nationally.

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What’s the secret recipe that makes Michigan so fertile for entrepreneurship?

“I think it’s a rare combination of opportunity and resources that exists here [in Michigan],” said Dug Song, CEO and Co-Founder of Tech Brewery.  “And anyone who is really trying to build something would be foolish not to look.”

The Detroit News reports that the tech industry is growing so fast that many companies in Metro Detroit are trying to find a solution to a unique problem. The region reportedly has tens of thousands of open IT and technology jobs with not enough people to fill them:

A recent report by Dice.com, a technology career website, ranked Metro Detroit as one of the fastest-growing regions for tech jobs. The website said Metro Detroit had more than 57,000 unfilled tech jobs. That report came on the heels of a 2012 Microsoft Corp. study predicting the creation of 12,500 IT jobs in Metro Detroit by 2015.”

It’s a problem that needs a solution. And Governor Rick Snyder says that if Michigan can effectively connect talent with opportunity, the state has an opportunity to become a leader in the nation.

“We still have too much unemployment in Michigan. But on MiTalent.org, we have over 60,000 open jobs, good jobs," the governor said. "If we filled those 60,000-plus jobs, we'd drop our unemployment rate by about one and a half percentage points. That's a lot. So we need to do something different.” 

Governor Snyder delivered a Special Message laying out his ideas for developing talent in Michigan. Read more about it.