Governor Snyder working to combat cybersecurity challenges

By Josh Paciorek | September 27, 2013

Governor Snyder

Cybersecurity took center stage on Thursday when Gov. Rick Snyder spoke at a National Governors Association event in Washington D.C., briefing members of Congress about the potential dangers of cyber attacks on government systems.

Gov. Snyder joined with Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley in October 2012 to lead the NGA’s “Resource Center for State Cybersecurity”.  Since then, the two governors have examined various policies that states could adopt to prevent cyber threats.

“As governors, we are directly responsible for ensuring the security of a wide array of state-owned assets and personally identifiable information such as tax records, driver’s licenses and birth records,” Gov. Snyder told the National Governors Association.   “We also play a critical role in ensuring that private-sector assets within our states are secure.”

There are an estimated 500,000 cyber attacks per day on the state of Michigan’s computer systems.  To combat these attacks and improve the state’s cybersecurity, the governor recommended five different strategies:

  • Establish a governance and authority structure for cybersecurity;
  • Conduct risk assessments and allocate resources accordingly;
  • Implement continuous vulnerability threat monitoring practices;
  • Ensure compliance with current security methodologies and business disciplines; and
  • Create a culture of risk awareness.

“Think about how much the cost would be to repair the data versus the investment we can make on the front end by doing those five steps the right way,” Gov. Snyder said, as reported in an article from The Detroit News .

Here in Michigan, the governor has been working hard to protect Michiganders and government networks from online threats, launching the Michigan Cyber Initiative in October 2011. 

“Attacks on our personal safety and economic security through the Internet continue to grow and expand,” the governor said.  “Michigan is taking a leadership role with regard to protecting the vulnerable ecosystem in the cyber world, and in accelerating the economic development and growth of the cybersecurity industry.”

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