Washington Should Look to Michigan -- Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley on the Federal Government Shutdown

October 08, 2013

“There's a big difference between what you see happening in Washington today and how Michigan operates. We're proactive. We deal with the problems. We don't shy away from the issues that have been around for generations, but instead put real solutions on the table, and we fix them.

“The thing about a public policy problem is that it's not like a fine wine or something-- they don't get better with age. The sooner you deal with it, the better we'll all be.

“Michigan is a great example of what Washington DC needs to accomplish. We have balanced our budgets, we are paying down our long-term debts and liabilities, and we have implemented meaningful tax reform that makes us competitive. We have repealed or eliminated 1300 rules and regulations over the course of the last two and a half years. That's a type of proactive work to make a better environment for jobs that we can do today because we have our fiscal crisis behind us.

“Washington needs to get a hold of both the processes and the relationships and the culture that is holding the entire system and our nation back today, and get back to doing the business of the people. Michigan is an example of how that can be done and done right.”